The Importance of Having a Great Support System

2 min readAug 18, 2018
Pacet, 2018

How would you describe your relationship with your colleagues, friends, and family? Are they great people to trust and seek advice? Can you see them as a great support system for you?

Support system is important for your mental health. It’s people who are always there for you on your lowest or highest. They give you physical & emotional comfort. It’s people who lend their shoulder to cry on but also celebrate each step of your journey to achieve your ultimate goals and dreams.

It’s people who will be there through your fuck ups and bring you back up again to fix all the mess you’ve made.

Sometimes, you don’t need to hear any advice, their presence is all you could ask for. Having someone being there, by your side, hearing you talk and vent about things that stressed you out that day is more than enough. You are never alone and you shouldn’t feel alone.

I’m lucky to have a strong support system that I can reach out to. I made a mistake in the past of bottling in up and not sharing anything which was terrible for my mental state. As I grew older and left my hometown to go to university, I realized having positive people in your life is so impactful. The truth is living alone in a city miles away from home without any relatives isn’t going to be easy. I’m grateful to have friends to keep me in a positive mindset, to tell me to keep on fighting and focused towards my goals.

I’m grateful to have friends that support my passion for writing. The one who gives constructive criticism and help edits them. The one who provides me a platform to share stories through a different media (still a work in progress). And simply, the ones who read my post and appreciate it! Seriously, thank you for hyping me up even though no one gives a fuck beside my friends.

I definitely couldn’t be as happy as I am in life right now without my support system. Shoutout to the real ones– you know who you are. Thank you for simply existing and inspiring me every single day. I hope I’m a part of your great support system too.